31 Jan 2019
Infanticide - Governor Ralph Northam seeks to end life upon birth.
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Virginia’s governor has come out in favor of allowing newborn babies to die if the mother and doctors want it that way.

Ralph Northam, who himself is a pediatric neurologist, shocked many on Wednesday morning (Jan. 30) when he endorsed infanticide during a radio interview on a Washington-area station.

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30 Jan 2019

Reading Time: 7 minutes Since the beginning, God has given humanity the gift of dominance over all living things, but also a responsibility to be good stewards of His creation. Therefore, we owe it to our Maker to use our money wisely. We should do nothing to hinder His Kingdom and instead advance it. We should not hurt people by investing in ventures that promote or traffic in sin. Read more

18 Jan 2019
March for Life 2019
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WASHINGTON D.C. (January 18, 2019) — Under cloudy, drizzly skies and with temperatures in the 30s, the 46th annual March for Life turned the nation’s capital into America’s pro-life capital.

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7 Jan 2019
Brief History Socially Responsible Investing

Reading Time: 7 minutes Using moral discernment when investing money is not new; it can be traced to Jewish moral responsibility under the Torah more than 1,000 years before Christ. Christian leaders such as Martin Luther and John Wesley also urged congregants to invest morally. During the 20th Century, the concept was embraced by various causes, from environmentalism to ending apartheid in South Africa. Read more

12 Nov 2018
Reading Time: 8 minutes
Art Ally, Sr. (center) with brother Henry and cousin Habiba – Liftaya, Homs, Syrian Arab Republic – 1920

Art Ally, founder of the Timothy Plan and pioneer of Biblically Responsible Investing, has a pretty incredible story that few people know about. I’m his daughter, and I’d like to share it with you.

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2 Oct 2018
Little girl showing concern for the life of the unborn.
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When it comes to the media’s reporting on the life issue, you have to search between the lines.

A case in point:   On September 6, 2018, The Hill, which is a Capitol Hill newspaper, headlined a story this way: “Hill.TV poll: Most Americans support limited abortion rights.” Read More

21 Aug 2018
Mother loving her baby.
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The Full Picture:  A Striking Contrast in Motives – and Outcome

What a difference an image makes. Sometimes, it can even save a life – with a bit of help from some kindhearted people who care enough to intervene.

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20 Aug 2018
And example of a hope for adoption.
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House Panel Passes Measure Protecting Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

Democrat leaders are denouncing a House committee-passed bill that would prevent state and local authorities from discriminating against faith-based adoption and foster care agencies.

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27 Jun 2018
Choosing life is a gift of love that spreads beyond the moment.
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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Won’t Have to Push Abortion

More sanity has prevailed at the U.S. Supreme Court.  Some babies’ lives are going to be saved as a result.

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19 Jun 2018
Chris Pratt talks God at 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards
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Faith in Hollywood

With “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” about to hit the summer box office, Chris Pratt is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

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