26 Aug 2019
Church attendance appears to be a secret weapon against the problem of suicide.

Church attendance appears to be a secret weapon against the problem of suicide.

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21 Aug 2019
Invested with Purpose - Art Ally shares his story of starting Timothy Plan.
15 Aug 2019

A new book aimed at financial advisors and their clients and focusing on the growing field of faith-based investing has just been released.

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13 Aug 2019
Woman spending quality time at home with her little girl.
31 Jul 2019

Fresh from a box office run in the United States that took critics and cultural observers by surprise, the pro-life movie “Unplanned” drew heavy attendance at its opening weekend in Canada, July 12-14. Read More

18 Jul 2019
A farmer with his sons on the farm.

If you’re a Christian parent who is trying to pass your faith on to your children, a new study should boost your confidence.
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10 Jul 2019

Surveys show a resurgence in support for socialism, especially among Millennials and other young people. They see it as a fairer way to distribute goods and services and bring about a more equal society. Read More

30 May 2019
Infanticide - Governor Ralph Northam seeks to end life upon birth.

June is known as the month for weddings, but May 2019 has proved to be a stellar month for pro-life victories across the nation. Read More

11 Apr 2019
When the buzzer went off Monday, Virginia head coach Tony Bennett lowered his head and prayed, "Thank you. I'm humbled, Lord."

Talk about a turnaround. Last year, the Virginia men’s basketball team made history with an ignominious upset loss in the NCAA tournament. Read More

4 Apr 2019
Pro-life activists march in Washington DC.

RICHMOND – On a perfect, cloudless spring day, thousands of pro-life protestors marched around Virginia’s state capitol building on Wednesday in protest of a bill that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth, and remarks by Gov. Ralph Northam in support of legal infanticide.

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