28 Jun 2019
Family under an umbrella

Ministry Takes on Attacks Against Truth and Decency Wherever They Arise

The times may change, but not Jesus’s call to be salt and light to our communities and culture. Read More

9 Oct 2018
Teenage boy sitting on steps troubled.

A beacon of hope for troubled teens.

It’s not for nothing that there’s a 40-foot-high lighthouse on the Orlando campus of the House of Hope, with a prayer room on the first floor. Read More

29 Aug 2018
Stone Tablet at the Garden Tomb Yeshua reads Pray for Peace of Jerusalem.

To the folks at a Jerusalem-based Christian ministry, Jesus Christ is Yeshua, the prophesied Messiah of Israel.

Founded in 2000 by Moran Rosenblit, an Israeli Army veteran who had moved to California to make a new start in life and now lives in Israel, Hope for Israel (HFI) has grown into a multi-level ministry offering Biblical teaching, Gospel outreach, material aid to needy Jews and Arabs alike, and a wealth of information about modern Israel. Plus, they do a wonderful job correcting much of the “fake news” about Israel. Read More

21 Aug 2018
Mother loving her baby.

The Full Picture:  A Striking Contrast in Motives – and Outcome

What a difference an image makes. Sometimes, it can even save a life – with a bit of help from some kindhearted people who care enough to intervene.

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31 Jul 2018
Give Kids the World Founder, Henri Landwirth

So Little Time, So Much Magic

KISSIMMEE, FL — Not far from Disney World, there’s a magical place where children with life-threatening illnesses can go into a cookie shop and walk out with delicious treats, or another shop where they can eat ice cream sundaes without limit.

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30 May 2018
Ted Baehr, Bonnie Ally and Art Ally walking the Red Carpet at 2018 MovieGuide Awards focusing on a Christian perspective.

A major studio releases a new movie, and the buzz is loud and wide. Television, print and Internet ads, along with the critics, tout it as “must-see.”

But is it worthy of our time and money? Should Christians patronize this new Hollywood offering? Should our children see it?

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