15 Oct 2018
Clock sitting on desk reminding us that we need to be patient.
Reading Time: 8 minutes

King David is the writer of this Psalm, which was literally designed to be sung in the context of “public worship”. Those who would sing this song in public worship knew that this song was birthed out of a difficult experience for David – for the writer of this Psalm knew trouble. The writer of this Psalm knew great trails and great tribulation. But his response to what he has gone through is, “I waited patiently for the Lord”. Read More

21 Jun 2018
A Study on Daniel through the words of Pastor Anthony E. Moore.
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Recently I have been interested in Daniel’s success. Daniel was successful in every administration he served in. I’m not sure if you have ever given any thought to this, but Daniel served all different kinds of bosses – all different types of kings – from Nebuchadnezzar to Belshazzar, to Darius – all the way to Cyrus. With every one of these leaders, Daniel always seemed to move to the top of the organization. Read More